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A birthday is an occasion when a person celebrates the anniversary of his/her birth. Birthday is a very important time in everybody's life. It is an important day for all people. These birthday occasions remains memorable for every person. He/she does not forget these moments. Therefore, we celebrate these moments because it comes once in a year.

Family persons and friends sing birthday songs for their loved ones without any. Birthday songs are sung with claps, music and with much noise. Birthday songs fill the energy in every person who is there and singing the song. Every country there is different birthday song in their local language. However, the mostly sung song in birthdays is "Happy Birthday to you". This song was come came into existence in 1893 and it is a type of Folk song.

Birthday songs contain blessing and when we sing birthday song, it spreads positivity in the environment. Birthday songs are very predictable and everyone feels happy when this is sung in his/her birthday occasion. This type party trend is running. Everybody organizes party on his/her birthday runs bollywood or Punjabi songs to make fun. We should our birthday every year in joyful manner with spreading happiness and positivity.

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Birthday Songs With Names

sweethrt u r so butiful, my luv 4 u will always b true
here is a wish 4 my darling may all ur wish cm true
i wish u a cute happy b'day with lots of luvs hugs nd kissess
frm a hrt that beats just 4 u....

suraj roshni le kr aya
chidiyo ne gana gaya
phulo ne has has k bola
mubarak ho tmhara janm din aya..

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Birthday Songs For Kids

sending u a b'day wish
wraped with all my love
have a very happy b'day...

b'day r happy events tyms when dreams cm true..
so dream a gud dream
its just might wrk 4 u...have a happy b'day celebration
wish u a cute happy b'day...


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